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Топики по английскому — "London (7)"

In 1996, in winter I went to London. This city impressed me very much. When we leaved from Archangel the weather was terrible: it was awfully cold. But when we arrived to London there were green leaves on the trees and the air was much warmer then in our city. That was the first thing that impressed me in London. We lived not in the central part of the London City, but in the suburb, and the atmosphere in that part of the city was pleasant and quiet. The streets were clean and tidy; the houses in our neighborhood were very nice. These things aroused in me pleasant emotions. London offers its visitors the great variety of scenes. The places of interest are fascinating there. Such buildings like Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower of London impressed me by their beautiful architecture. They reflect the past of English people and they affected me greatly. One more interesting thing to view is The London Bridge. It looks especially effective when you cross it. But I think that the most outstanding building to view in London is Big Ben. This beautiful tower rises among the multi-storeyed buildings and it looks very exciting. Especially beautiful it looks in the evening when the lighting is on. I was also impressed by English shops. The great variety of things to buy helps you to find anything you want. Especially I was impressed by multi-storeyed shops, which we can't find in Archangel. These shops have elevators and even shop guides. It takes hours to explore them. All these things are able to impress even the man who traveled a lot and saw many interesting places. English people impressed me very much too. They are friendly and easy to talk to. When you walk in the street you see smiling faces and it is very pleasant. They are not always criticizing everything and complaining on something. But the most impressive place to my mind is Madam Tussauds museum of wax figures where you can find perfectly made figures of the most famous people of the world from Lenin and Bill Clinton to Michel Jackson and The Beatles. In some halls figures are shown in interesting scenes in some they are just sitting or standing. There are also figures of great historic people who lived long time ago. I think that London is worth visiting because of its great places of interest and because exploring of them provides a lot of minutes of pleasure. I also think that it would be very exciting to make a journey to this city for citizens of Archangel in winter because such quick getting from the northern city to the city where even in winter there is green grass and no snow makes a great affect.
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